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In today’s fast-paced digital world, telecom companies are under huge pressure to deliver innovative products, systems and services. The need for continuous innovation and the ability to introduce new services in a shorter span of time is the key to achieve success for the telecom operators. For improving customer retention, telecom companies are incessantly evolving their offerings to enhance their customer experience. The high amount of integration across multiple applications, intricate billing systems, revenue assurance, reliability, and interoperability, are some of the key challenges that telecom companies face. As a result, telecom companies need partners who understand their business and who can commit and take responsibility for providing successful implementations with comprehensive QA and testing at faster speed. TestingXperts distinguishes itself by helping telecom leaders comprehensively tackle scenarios that are battled by them every day. TestingXperts helps in accelerating innovation and maintaining media and telecom quality assurance of released software. It ensures telecom companies can meet a constricted product release schedule without any loss of quality or disruption of existing systems and software services while delivering modern user experience.

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Why TestingXperts?


TestingXperts’ deep understanding of testing methodologies, technologies, and business process best practices makes them lead the QA services in the industry. By significantly reducing cost of quality and with its plug and play Test Automation Framework ‘Tx-Automate’, TestingXperts is helping its clients deliver a high-quality customer experience and reduce time to market. TestingXperts has the right combination of technical and functional knowledge to uniquely address the telecom industry needs while providing these appropriate solutions.

TestingXperts offers various testing services in the following specialized
sectors for the Telecom industry

telecom service
  • Operational Support System (OSS)
  • Network Health Check Real-time Dashboards
  • Business Support System (BSS)
  • Subscriber Enrolment Process Backend Processing
  • Enterprise Web application
  • Call KPI Dashboards
  • Billing