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Regression Testing Services

The software landscape is evolving rapidly, with frequent changes and enhancements becoming essential for the success of any application or software. However, each time a developer makes modifications or introduces changes to software, there’s a risk of unintended consequences. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that these changes don’t disrupt or break other unrelated parts of existing applications.

Regression testing provides a dependable means to ensure that applications remain free of defects, even after frequent changes. It verifies that recent modifications haven’t adversely affected existing functionality, helping identify new bugs in a software release and confirming the resolution of previous issues.

Our Regression Testing Services Include:

  • Multiple Platform Automation: We automate regression testing across multiple platforms to ensure consistent and comprehensive coverage.
  • Risk-Based Regression: We employ a risk-based approach to prioritize testing efforts, focusing on areas with higher potential impact.
  • Parallel Execution: Parallel test execution saves time, accelerating the regression testing process.
  • Faster Functionality Coverage: We incorporate unit and API tests for faster functionality coverage.
  • Performance Impact Analysis: We analyze the performance impact of changes to ensure they meet performance criteria.
  • Continuous Testing: Our methodologies align with Continuous Testing practices, enabling seamless testing throughout the development lifecycle.
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Our DevOps-ready integrated test automation framework, ‘Tx-Automate,’ leverages techniques and practices to reduce automation test cycle time. Our quality assurance services combine best-in-class methods and algorithms, ensuring systematic testing that minimizes disruptions while controlling QA costs.

At TestingXperts, we adopt an iterative approach to test various aspects of updated software applications. Our Agile methodology allows us to handle unexpected software behavior effectively.

While regression tests can be performed manually in small cases, for most scenarios, automating a suite of tests each time an application is updated is essential. Our Automated Regression Testing Services are designed to achieve excellent regression coverage of the Application Under Test (AUT).”

TestingXperts’ regression testing services company help you maintain software integrity and reliability, allowing you to confidently implement changes and enhancements without fear of introducing new defects.

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TestingXperts Regression Testing Services

Regression testing service Provider
  • Software Regression Testing: We conduct regression testing at the software level to ensure that new changes or enhancements do not adversely affect the existing functionality.
  • System Integration Regression Testing: Our regression testing services encompass system integration testing, verifying that integrated systems continue to function seamlessly after updates.
  • Functional Regression Testing: We focus on functional aspects, verifying that new features or changes do not introduce functional defects.
  • Automated Regression Testing: Leveraging automation tools and frameworks, we perform regression testing efficiently and consistently, saving time and effort.
  • End-to-End Regression Testing: Our services cover end-to-end testing scenarios, ensuring that all aspects of your application function harmoniously after modifications.

TestingXperts’ cost-effective regression testing model strikes a balance between test selection and fault detection, helping QA teams deliver reliable software that meets quality standards.”

By offering a comprehensive range of regression testing services, TestingXperts ensures the continued integrity and performance of your applications while facilitating faster releases and reduced risk of defects.


TestingXperts Differentiators

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TestingXperts QA team is offering its clients regression testing services across all verticals.

  • Comprehensive Vertical Coverage: Our QA team offers regression testing services across all industry verticals, ensuring that clients in various domains receive tailored solutions.
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Recognition: We perform thorough gap analysis to identify risk areas, enabling us to implement the right testing approach for optimized speed and effectiveness.
  • Cost-Controlled Regression Cycles: We execute regression cycles efficiently, focusing on cost control to minimize maintenance expenditure while enhancing test quality.
  • Diversified Functional Coverage: Our regression solution provides diverse functional coverage across multiple platforms, ensuring comprehensive testing of the Application Under Test (AUT).
  • Structured Scheduling: We follow a structured schedule for regression testing, facilitating smoother processing and reducing the risks of defect leakage.
  • Accelerated Time to Market: Our services contribute to a significant reduction in time to market for software launches, helping you stay competitive and agile.
  • Automation Assessment: We conduct a detailed automation assessment, offering a clear automation strategy, roadmap, and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis using the Tx-Automation ROI Calculator.

TestingXperts’ commitment to quality and efficiency in regression testing services makes us the trusted partner for organizations looking to maintain software reliability and accelerate their release cycles.